10 Types of LED Light for Your Glow Party Event

Glowing party lighting products, from glowing balloon lights to glowing table centerpieces, decorative color changing battery lights, LED paper lanterns, remote control decorative lights and fiber optic light displays. Light up the party with fun and bright party supplies and glowing decorative items!

10 Types of LED Glow Party Event Lighting

1, Decorative Flat LED Ball

The light ball features a sturdy metal frame and already attached string lights, which makes this DIY project so easy! With just a few supplies, you can make a lantern ball decoration in as little as 30 minutes. Hang decorative light balls from an outdoor gazebo or gazebo, place them in the center of a dining table as an illuminated floral centerpiece, or display them as elegant wedding and reception decorations. Floral Light Balls have a lot of creative potential, depending on the flowers, decorative elements, and color combinations you can use, making them a versatile DIY project for any season or occasion!

Decorative Flat LED Ball

2, LED Cube Light Mood Lighting

Contemporary Lighting Sensory Mood Cube, LED Sensory Mood Cube is made of white polyethylene and contains multi-color LEDs that allow it to experience vibrant color changes. The Sensory Mood Cube slowly moves through the seven key colors or accelerates color changes, and even keeps your favorite color depending on the mood you intend to set. Fully portable, the Sensory Mood Cube is IP65 rated so it can be used indoors or out as a stool or side table and is fully rechargeable; an 8-hour charge provides up to 14 hours of continuous use, depending on the intensity of the setting.

3, LED Unicorn Night Light

Kawaii unique unicorn shape design. In every girl’s mind, there is a unique unicorn guarding her. Kawaii Unicorn Night Light Kids will better express your love for your child baby girl. Young girls will love to cuddle, snuggle, and sleep with the kawaii unicorn lamp. Baby Night Light Kids is the perfect bedtime companion, travel companion and unicorn toy, it is also a unicorn lamp, unicorn gift for girls, kawaii decoration. You will see the sweet smiles of children when they receive a kawaii unicorn gift. Not only as kawaii baby night light for kids, cute unicorn baby night light can also be used for kawaii decoration/kawaii room decoration or unicorn gift/baby girl gift, soft body and cute appearance very It is pleasing to the eye. If you are looking for a toddler night light, the baby night light will be the perfect choice for you.

Unicorn Night Light Lamp
LED Water Wave Effect Light

4, LED Water Wave Effect Light

Perfect for any space, this water wave light recreates the stunning natural beauty of the sparkling ocean. The water ripple effect moves automatically to create a wave effect that makes you feel underwater and embrace the sea. Create a romantic, casual and comfortable atmosphere to relax your body and mind.

It can brighten the living room for karaoke or party dancing, set your mood while drinking or having fun with friends, and create soothing water samples for your bedroom or game room.

5, LED Advertising Hologram Fan Display

3D holographic LED fans create visually appealing high-quality images that can bring many innovative advertising ideas to life. It is very easy to carry and install. Suitable for shopping malls, airports, exhibitions, parties, bars and nightclubs, concerts, restaurants, casinos, trade shows, retail stores, banks, health clubs, hospitals, etc. These stunning 3D aerial visuals are a great way to make your latest attractive message drive tons of traffic to your business or event. Provide your customers with an exciting experience that they will remember long after watching the 3D aerial presentation. Whether you want to display ads or just drive people to your business, there are options for you.

LED Advertising Hologram Fan Display
illuminated light up sofa chair

6, LED illuminated light up sofa chair

Add glowing power to furniture! Light up chairs and light up tables, objects and decorations. Color change and choose a glowing color, indoor/outdoor rechargeable lighting furniture! Sleek and stylish LED lighted chair can change color or choose the light color you want. Practical and fun, it can be used indoors or out. This LED lighting furniture provides stunning lighting effects to create a gorgeous visual environment. Suitable for public events and bars, this innovative seating provides maximum ambience with soft glowing light. Captivating, colorful, and even otherworldly

7, Natural Preserved Rose Forever Flower Lamp

The rose lights change color every few seconds, giving your room a romantic and warm ambience. These are the best love gifts for girlfriend/wife/mom/sister, 25th wedding anniversary gift. Look no further for glass roses/glass flowers, here are the newest offerings. Natural flowers preserved with special techniques. If kept in the right conditions, it’s like alive, retaining color and softness for 3-4 years. We believe your precious gift of roses must be seen at night and by day. Our unique design features string lights to keep the flowers at the center of the romantic ambience when it’s dark. It’s your love – it’s always there!

Natural Preserved Rose Forever Flower Lamp
LED Outdoor Sphere Light

8, LED Outdoor Sphere Light

These LED ball lights can cycle through up to 16 different shades. Customize the look by choosing a color, or set them to shimmer, strobe, fade, or change smoothly. The sphere can also be operated remotely, allowing you to easily manage color, brightness and power. Bring together a set of these LED globe lights to add an ethereal effect to any nighttime landscape! The luminous balls are IP65 rated and suitable for swimming pools, outdoor and indoor use (plus, they float!). They are completely sealed against dust ingress and moderate water jets. The LED ball light has a built-in high-capacity lithium battery, which can light up to 12 hours on a single charge, and only takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

9, LED Pixel Tube Lights

Once primarily used for TV and movie lighting, LED pixel tube lights have taken the event planning industry by storm, not only for their unique look, but also for their ease of use and implementation. These wireless baton-shaped LED tubes can be installed almost anywhere to illuminate environments, add a creative element to themed stages, and create tons of lighting effects. You can put them on the table, you can hang them, you can put them upright, almost anything is possible. In experiential activities and installations, they are even combined in playful ways to create three-dimensional shapes and sculptures. They really come to life when you control their respective LEDs or pixels to create cool effects, resulting in some dazzling visual effects. That’s not all; many of them are also waterproof, making them the perfect rental option for outdoor activities.

LED Pixel Tube Lights
LED String Lights

10, LED String Lights

Remember when country events and weddings were all the rage? Wooden spoons, long tables, doily patterns and, of course, strings of lights hanging from the rafters give off a warm glow. Now imagine if these lights could change color and be individually controlled (pixelmapping), that’s what LED strings are all about. With LED strings, you can create light curtains, Maypole style activations, and anything else you could do with the original strings, but now because they can be programmed with RGB (red, green, blue) LED chips; use your Color choose sky.

Light the way with one way event production

These are just 10 ways to make your events stand out and add a pop of color to them. Got other ideas, or want to talk about other rental options we have? Give us a call, give us a call. We’re here to make sure your event looks good – no matter what.