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Football boots are subjected to a variety of wear both on and off the pitch, designing them is a challenging task. Every one of these components is considered in the design phase. First things first: an upper and a sole make up a boot.


PROSOCCERNZ is a leading company that sells the best quality boots for players. Without a question, the most crucial item in a football player’s outfit are their boots. To enable the player to give their best on the pitch, they must be appropriate for their needs. The Gripknit upper design, which features many of tiny texture grips to help with ball touch and control on the pitch, is the most recognisable aspect of the Nike Phantom.

Technology-wise, this Elite design is loaded with Nike’s new Gripknit top and renowned Flyknit fit. You can move the ball and yourself across the turf more easily with the Dynamic Fit collar, which covers the laces and gives your ankle a soothing hug.


We have got all types of Nike products for you. You can choose from a wide range of Nike phantom football boots. These boots are of high quality and are manufactured with the best leather possible. They come into the market after proper testing for safety purposes.


Nike phantom Gx for players


The newest football boots from Nike, the Nike Phantom GX Club TF Red White, offer a pro-level performance package for the turf field while maintaining a stylish appearance. You’ll be able to manoeuvre freely about the grass field and yet have the best ball control, traction, speed, and balance when playing fast-paced football with it.


The football boots NZ players attest to the fact that these shoes have been a big help in attaining success on the pitch. Pop singers, models, and football players have found that these boots are the greatest thing in their lives since they provide them the advantage to stand out in style and win the race.


The cheap Nike phantom endures and thrives because of its historical and traditional touch, which has cemented its position in the hearts of all players and fans. To learn more, about their products and their services you can visit their web page.

Quality football boots from PROSOCCERNZ 

Although they are no longer available straight from the factory, there are still a few pairs of such boots in circulation. Like the majority of boot companies, Nike provides several takedown choices for every model. Their Elite level boots come equipped with every conceivable bell and whistle.

Every Nike model also has the standard assortment of several boot surface varieties, giving you an abundance of options to select from. The most recent model is the Mercurial Vapour, which has Nike’s Vaporposite+ technology, which closes any spaces between the soleplate and the foot for a seamless fit.