Google AdSense

Recently Google launched a new service called AdSense to distribute the textual advertisements AdWords. This allows web site owners to publish the AdWords advertisements on their site and earn a portion of the click thru price. The Google AdSense program is very intutative. Once you log in to your account you are able to choose the format of the advertisements like:

  • 468×60 (2 ads displayed)
  • 120×600 (4 ads displayed)
  • 300×250 (4 ads displayed)
  • 728×90 (4 ads displayed)

AdSense also allows you make the the ads blend seamlessly with your site. You can change the color of the background, border color, Title color, Text color and the URL color. If you happen to own more than one site you are also able to save different versions for each site. One of the greatest features of AdSense is its ability to spider the content of your site and deliver relevant ads. This way you are not displaying generic ads that have nothing to do with your content.

Google AdSense pretty much will accept anyone that wants to join. They do not have traffic limitations like other ad publishing programs on the Net. Just be sure to read their policies, because they are very adamant about follow their rules. The money making potential for site owners with a lot of traffic is really great compared to other programs. Now Google does not disclose the click amount for ads that appear on your site and the reporting is still in its infancy, but Google is working to improve that.

Join Google AdSense today, and be on your way to more $$$!