Why Use a Web Template?

Web templates have been in use for quite a long time. In their infant stages web templates did not have much appeal. They tended to be very simple looking. Now the template industry is very competitive, which has made the template design quite extensive and unique.

Web templates have a multitude of uses…

Web templates have a multitude of uses from simply creating a static web site to creating the look and feel for a shopping cart system. To make web templates useful for the end user they must come with the original Photoshop file that the template was created from. This allows the end user to be able to make changes to the template to fit their needs. A person can add their logo, or change the navigation buttons to fit their unique business. Remember to appeal to a wide audience web templates must be made pretty general. Web templates are created for specific industries or themes, but they will need editing to fit your business.

What do I get when I buy a web template?

Our web templates come with either one or two layouts (home page layout and content layout), original Photoshop file, a linked cascading style sheet, and all the sliced images that make up the template. The linked Cascading Style Sheet is very useful for making site wide changes to the look of your template. The style sheet controls things like font color and size, link color and size, formating of different tags like H1 tags for headlines and so much more.

Say one day you decide you want your links to change from red to blue, all you have to do is change it in one file and it changes through out your entire site. It is that easy!!!

So if you are looking to get a web site up and running quickly and for very little money buy one of our web templates today.